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Do you offer any discounts?
Yes, we offer 10% discount to FMCA members and members of Escapees.  

How much do you charge for shipping and handling?
It will depend on the weight, it starts at $3.50. If you order 10 bulbs or more we will ship free.

What is the life of your bulbs?
Forever, we replace any bulb that goes out as long as it is a faulty bulb. We guarantee our bulbs as long as you own the coach or RV.

Can we find you at most Rallies?
We try to attend as many rallies as we can but we can't make them all.  Please check the listing of market vendors for your rally.  If we couldn't make your rally, please feel free to reach out to us via email or phone!

How do I know which bulbs to order?
Thanks to technology take a picture of what you want to replace and send it to us and then we can talk about your options.
What if by chance you send me the wrong bulb?
Box them back up and return them and we will get the bulbs right AND refund your postage.
I need a replacement interior light lens, do you have them?
They are scarce as hens teeth for some of the “seasoned” coaches and RV but we do have a small collection and always looking for more.
I need a lens for my porch light do you have those?Send us a picture and we might. Bergman is another source.
Do you give quantity discounts?
We believe that our prices are one of the lowest and we guarantee our product. If you have an extremely large order, please call or email us..

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