TopCoat® PolyWash™ is a consumer grade variant of our concentrated, Industrial Strength, auto wash and sealer... formulated with our advanced Micro-Bond™ technology, designed for the automatic car wash industry.

Industrial grade technology in the palm of your hand.

Use PolyWash™ to prep any surface before applying TopCoat® sealers. Also intended to wash off heavy dust, dirt and debris build-up.

Key Features:

  • Concentrated Formula (A little goes a long way! 1oz per bucket of water)
  • NEW Advanced Micro-Bond™ Coating Technology
  • PolyWash™ bonds with all TopCoat® Sealers
  • Eco Friendly
  • Use as Spray-able, traditional bucket, or with foam canon (See directions below)
  • Extreme soapsuds and lathering

Key Benefits:

  • Washes, Cleans, Shines, & Protects
  • Extreme hydrophobic properties
  • Makes it easy to remove dirt and grime
  • Use to clean any surface - vehicles, planes, RV,s motorcycles, & more
  • Quick dry formula for easy towel dry
  • Eliminates water spotting while washing
  • Advanced automatic car wash in the palm of your hands

TopCoat® PolyWash™ is a powerful concentrated car wash. PolyWash™ is safe and will break up dirt and grime without damaging the surface. PolyWash™ will also leave behind a high-tech Micro-Bond™ coating for shine and protection.

PolyWash™ cleans any surface with ease. PolyWash™ removes foreign contaminants that common wash & waxes have difficulty with. PolyWash™ leaves behind a high-tech Micro-Bond™ coating that revitalizes the look of any surface.

TopCoat™ infused PolyWash™ with a high-tech Micro-Bond™ coating. PolyWash™ leaves behind a brilliant shine and extreme hydrophobic (water beading) properties.

Micro-Bond™ technology, developed by TopCoat®, outlasts and outperforms other waxes, wax variants, and ceramics... this provides a brilliant shine and a durable protective barrier up to 3 times longer than other products!

TopCoat® is and industry leader, known for it's leading edge technology. The technology in PolyWash™ ensures easy use, safe cleaning, and effective results!

Detailing 101™ Tips:

  • Always keep the surface you are washing wet and out of direct sunlight to avoid potential water spots!
  • Always wash at ambient temperature
  • For best results, make sure your engine and rims are cool.
  • Always use water to wet surface first before washing with any chemicals.
  • Always rinse washes and cleaners thoroughly off before drying.

Directions: For general purpose cleaning use 2oz of PolyWash™ per gallon of water. For light cleaning use 1oz of PolyWash™ per gallon. Pour PolyWash™ into a bucket, then add water using the suggested ratio. Thoroughly wet the vehicle you intend to wash. Apply the mixed PolyWash™ to the wet surface using a sponge or wash mitt, wiping and washing the surface as you go. Rinse thoroughly and dry after.

Spray Directions: Pour 1/2oz of PolyWash™ into a 32oz spray bottle already filled with water, then shake. Spray on surface and wipe off using clean microfiber towels a section at a time. Do not allow to dry before wiping clean. For more aggressive cleaning:

  • Spray PolyWash™ on a section at a time.
  • Agitate surface with a cellulose sponge, microfiber wash mitt, or microfiber applicator pad.
  • Then wipe off using a clean microfiber towel until dry.

Foam Canon Directions: Leave enough room to pour 1-2oz of PolyWash™ in a water filled foam canon container. Note: For more desired sudsing/foaming add extra PolyWash™. Connect foam cannon container to foam spray-head then shake to mix. Attach to hose and go! Rinse thoroughly and towel dry or blow off water.

Keep out of reach of children

(Always refer to product SDS and/or TDS sheets for further product and safety information.)

TopCoat PolyWash


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